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Dental Van

18 Oct

Monday 18th October, 12.00am – Friday 12th November, 11.59pm (all day event)

The Dental Van is at school between 18th October to 12th November.

First Day of Term 4

18 Oct

Monday 18th October, 12.00am (all day event)

Labour Day

25 Oct

Monday 25th October, 12.00am (all day event)

The School will be closed on this day.

Teacher Only Day

26 Oct

Tuesday 26th October, 8.00am

As it is a Teacher Only Day, our Kura will be closed on this day.

PTSG Meeting

27 Oct

Wednesday 27th October, 7.30pm

The PTSG will be having their monthly meeting in the staffroom on Wednesday 27th October at 7.30pm. All cordially welcome!

School Production

08 Nov

Monday 8th November, 6.00pm – Thursday 11th November, 8.00pm

Our School production will be taking place in the 4th Week of the term, beginning on the 8th November. Please ignore the times, they have been put there to include…

Northern/central zone athletics

09 Nov

Tuesday 9th November, 12.00am (all day event)

More details to follow nearer the time! 11th November postponement date.

Interzone athletics

24 Nov

Wednesday 24th November, 12.00am (all day event)

Details to follow nearer the time (30th November postponement date)

Parent helper Christmas morning tea

30 Nov

Tuesday 30th November, 10.00am

Regional athletics

07 Dec

Tuesday 7th December, 12.00am (all day event)

9th December postponement date.

Last Day of Term 4

16 Dec

Thursday 16th December, 9.00am

School will close for the year on this day at 1.00pm.

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Term Dates 2022

  • Term one: 3 Feb - 13 April
  • Term two: 2 May - 8 July
  • Term three: 25 July - 30 Sept
  • Term four: 17 Oct - 15 Dec