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Tawhai School


Family Mural Morning


August 24 2017

The air was electric with creativity as a number of 5 year olds and their whanau gathered together in Room 17 to produce a piece of artwork that will be put on a school mural and will remain there until it is presented back to them when they leave Tawhai School. Darcy Nicholas who is a world renowned contemporary Maori artist, will be overseeing the project, firstly introduced himself to the families, giving a little background about his career as an artist. He also showed everyone a picture painted by his daughter at 5 and a drawing she did many years later and he talked about the support and encouragement she was given along the way. Mr Whiteman & Miss Barnden gave the children an explanation about what they had to do. Then each child was given an aluminium sheet and a vivid and sitting anywhere in the room with their whanau, they began to create their artwork, firstly with the vivid, then paints. Some of the children were very quick in transferring their ideas to their aluminium canvas. Others spent a bit of time talking it through with their families. It was a joy to witness and feel the flow of creativity in the room, the conversations that were taking place and the joy & pride in everyone’s faces when the children had completed their beautiful and expressive artwork. Since then we have had a steady stream of parents pop in and do this wonderful piece of artwork with their child in the Pumpkin Patch and where possible we have tried to capture them on camera.