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Classroom 16 Year 3 Hannah Huria-Perry


Chinese New Year Learning

Posted on by Rosa Stewart

This term we have been learning about different celebrations. This includes celebrations we have, other cultures and other countries have.

Last week we learnt about Chinese New Year! This was an exciting celebration for us to learn about as we had so many things we wanted to learn more about. We started by identifying what we already know, then talked about what we wanted to find out. We watched videos and read books, then narrowed down our questions that hadn’t been answered. When we had 2 questions left, we each emailed Johnathan (Miss Perry’s fiance) to ask him our questions and find out more about how he celebrates the Chinese New Year.


Using all of this information, we learnt so many new things about Chinese New Year and Chinese culture! We are so excited about what we have learned. Look at all our favourite facts below 😁 We have also all collaborated in small groups to share information and make a paper chain Chinese dragon!


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