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Class 8 Year 2/3 Hannah Huria-Perry


Autumn Fun!

Posted on by Rosa Stewart

Kia ora and welcome back to Term 2!As we settle in to Term 2 we have definitely noticed that the weather is a bit colder which prompted our chat about Autumn today. We learnt all about what happens in Autumn as we get closer to Winter, and what happens to the leaves on our trees. Room 8 thought it was a great idea to experience the Autumn leaves in all their glory! First we made a huge pile, collecting all the leaves we could. We talked about what they feel like, look like and sound like. After that we each grabbed a handful of leaves and threw them into the air, and quickly learned what the leaves tasted like when they went in our mouths! We had lots of fun throwing the leaves around and enjoying the fresh Autumn air this afternoon. As a class we talked about how the running, jumping and throwing was not only good for our physical wellbeing, but for our emotional wellbeing as well. We all ended the day feeling super happy.

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