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Tawhai School


Class 8 Year 2/3 Hannah Huria-Perry



Posted on by Rosa Stewart

As I’m sure many of our whānau have heard, we have had lots of butterflies emerge from their chrysalis in the last few days. It has been a very exciting time for Room 8. We have enjoyed looking at how the butterflies emerge, and how they have to stretch their wings after.Earlier this week our doors were left open to let them fly free when they were ready. Today we released a few more out by the vege garden.“Sleepy” didn’t want to leave our class and wasn’t very active. He found a nice home on a pen so we were able to pass him round for a closer look before we took him outside. While our doors were open today, a butterfly flew back in! We wonder if it was looking for our swan plant. We have a few more chrysalis that are getting ready to change, and we feel so lucky that we have been able to see it all happen right in front of us!

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