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Classroom 5 Year 4/5 Joshua Pearce


Ellie’s Axolotl!

Posted on by Rosa Stewart

For special news today, Ellie, with the help of her Mum Jody, brought in her pet Axolotl Smokey housed in his portable aquarium much to the delight of Room 5. She showed the class a picture of the much larger tank that he lives in at home, explaining that the cloth was over it during the day as Axolotls are nocturnal creatures. She also showed the children the small oxygen cylinder inside the tank to maintain adequate aeration and oxygen levels. She also brought in various items that you need to have to maintain a pet like an axolotl. The children watched as Ellie put some food in the water for Smokey to eat which he gobbled up pretty quickly. Afterwards the children were allowed to have a closer look. They all really liked him!

Thank you for bringing Smokey in Ellie!

Here is a link to one of many websites about Axolotls and keeping them as pets….
Keeping axolotls as pets

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