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Team Nga Manu (The Birds)


Nga Manu HUHA Inquiry Group – Citizenship Inquiry

Posted on by Anna Sissons

During the first half of Term 3 we continued our citizenship inquiries which began in Term 2. The students in the seven Nga Manu classes opted into a volunteer project of their choice with the aim of making a difference in our local community. We were inspired by the SVA (Student Volunteer Army) and we spent some time learning about the different roles that people can take on to help make a volunteer project work.

The group in Room 1 decided to focus on ways that we could support the amazing work of an organisation called HUHA. HUHA (Helping YoU Help Animals) helps abandoned, lost or injured animals. They have a number of different premises around the lower North Island, including a vet clinic in Stokes Valley. Some of our group members already knew a bit about HUHA and others were learning about it for the first time.

Over a number of weeks we spent time finding out about HUHA and their goals, and brainstorming ways that we could help support them. After some discussion we decided on two main approaches – gathering and donating quality second-hand pet / animal equipment and making toys for the animals waiting to be re-homed. We had many kindhearted and ambitious ideas about ways we could support HUHA and it was a bit of a learning curve trying to work out what we could achieve with the time and resources we had available.

We broke into small groups to work on various tasks such as raising awareness about our cause (including making posters, writing presentations to share with Nga Kukari classes, and drafting Educa and Facebook posts), researching how to make safe, suitable toys for animals and seeking donations of materials, and sorting the generous donations of bedding, collars / leads, toys, food, bowls etc. from our wonderful school community.

After numerous busy inquiry sessions over a number of weeks we did one final sort before Miss Sissons dropped off our hand-made toys and the donated items to the very grateful staff at the Stokes Valley vet clinic.

Well done to the HUHA Inquiry group! You worked hard and made some pretty awesome contributions to a very worthy cause! It has been wonderful reading your reflections on the inquiry process and seeing how keen many of you are to continue supporting HUHA in the future.

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