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Celebrating Samoan Language Week

Posted on by Rosa Stewart

In celebration of Samoan Language Week, Room 9a in the Pumpkin Patch, had a wonderful time creating 3 different Siapo and Tapa Artworks using traditional Samoan colours. The students listened to a story called ‘O Lavalava and looked at different Tapa panels as a motivation for their designs.

They learnt about, patterns, shapes, symmetry, colour design, and geometry.
For the first activity, they coloured in a Geometric Siapo Flower design using a repeated colour pattern.
For the second activity, they examined different Tapa designs. They then drew their own beautiful Siapo flower design in pencil, coloured them in with crayon, and then dyed them brown.

For the last activity, the students looked at symmetrical patterns to create their own Symmetrical Siapo. Firstly, they folded a square piece of paper 3 times to make a triangle, then they drew different shapes along 2 of the folded edges, then finally they cut out the shapes and unfolded the paper to reveal a beautiful Symmetrical Flower design.

The students worked really hard on creating their designs and were very proud of what they had made.

I think you’ll agree that they look amazing!!

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