Lina’s Wonderful Show and Tell for Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa, Sāmoa Language Week

1st June 2023

Tālofa Lava!

What a lovely treat for Room 5 yesterday when Lina brought in some very treasured items to show them by way of celebrating Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa this week!

Helped by Levi, she firstly held up some traditional necklaces for the tamaiti to look at, including a black one passed down the family by her late grandfather.

In her bag there were also some very beautiful and colourful dresses that she wore when she was a little girl. These dresses would be worn for going to church or for special celebrations.She and Levi also unfolded some lavalava for everyone to admire. Lina told everyone that she likes to wear her Tinā’s (mother) lavalava when she goes to sleep at night!

All the items respectfully were passed around the room for everyone to have a closer look.

What the tamaiti liked the best of all was the beautiful Samoan percussion instrument called a pātē which belongs to Lina’s other grandfather. It was so enjoyable beating a tune on the pātē with the sticks.Thank you so much Lina for showing Room 5 your beautiful dresses, lavalava, necklaces, and pātē!

Here are some photos of Lina (helped by Levi) sharing with Room 5 yesterday and today with her cousin Hazel ( who wore her beautiful dress!) and the pātē!