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More than just cup cakes. Take a peek at what's going on in your classroom.

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The Tawhai School Curriculum aims to empower every student as they come to learn more…

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Learning support

In co-operation with parents, family and whanau, Tawhai School provides quality education for children with…

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Tawhai School provides a wide range of learning programmes to support the learning needs of…

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Enviroschools at Tawhai School

At Tawhai the ‘Enviroschools Programme’ is about the well-being of the whole school, community and…

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Learning focus areas

At Tawhai School we foster student achievement by providing opportunities for them to succeed in…

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Student leadership programme

At Tawhai School we believe in the leadership potential of each and every child.

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Extra curricular opportunities

From the performing arts, student leadership programmes to sport. There are lots of opportunities to…

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Celebrating success!

Tawhai School regularly celebrates success and achievement amongst it's young people to build self-esteem and…

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Supporting learning at home Updated 23 March 2020

While our school remains open, we are suggesting that parents who choose to keep their…

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