The Tawhai School Curriculum aims to empower every student as they come to learn more about themselves.

The Tawhai School Curriculum empowers students by:

  • developing skills, knowledge and abilities in reading, writing and maths
  • knowledge and awareness
  • attitudes and values
  • skills and strategies for life-long learning.

The Tawhai curriculum’s main job is to put in action the direction for student learning outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC p. 6). The Tawhai way of teaching aims to help every child go on to realize their true potential. We do this through quality teaching and learning programmes, strategies and opportunities.

The Tawhai School curriculum supports our children to:

  • interact with others who are outside Stokes Valley and in the wider world
  • develop the skills required to understand information and create useful knowledge
  • improve their achievement in the foundation learning areas of reading, writing and maths
  • be competitive by nature, to improve and excel, but also be collaborative and cooperative in their learning and social interactions
  • embrace change and learn to be collaborative problem-solvers
  • achieve across a broader set of learning areas like Tikanga Maori, The Sciences, The Arts and Sport
  • make connections so they can see real purpose for their learning.

We recognize that achieving our vision for students to become the best that they can be, involves contributions from our whole school community and in particular the teaching staff.

The Tawhai curriculum encourages teachers to:

  • use real life news and issues as a focus for engaging students in their learning
  • to plan and work collaboratively, utilizing individual skills and abilities and as a means of enriching learning experiences
  • differentiate learning so that their teaching programs cater for the relevant needs of all students within the classroom.

Empowering our children to succeed in an ever-changing world

Our Local Curriculum

Below is the our local curriculum google slide show:

What is a school curriculum?

The national curriculum provides the framework and common direction for schools, regardless of type, size, or location. It gives schools the scope, flexibility, and authority they need to design and shape their curriculum so that teaching and learning is meaningful and beneficial to their particular communities of students. In turn, the design of each school’s curriculum should allow teachers the scope to make interpretations in response to the particular needs, interests, and talents of individuals and groups of students in their classes.

For more information, visit the NZ Curriculum website.

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