Strategic Plan

Tawhai School is a self-reviewing school delivering high quality education to its students, thus enabling them to attain their full potential. We are a vibrant learning community where children are encouraged to do their very best and to strive for excellence, seize opportunities and value themselves and each other. We are not just teaching students but preparing global citizens of the future.

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Empowering our children to flourish in an ever changing world is our new future focused vision

Tawhai School will provide the knowledge, skills, learning opportunities and values to enable all children to experience success across the curriculum.

Our school perceives learning to be a co-operative partnership between students, parents and staff. In order to attain excellence, it is important that all three work towards the obtaining of all curriculum objectives in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These are important skills in the development of independence and the acceptance by children of responsibility for their own learning and later for adult life.

Tawhai School

  • Will attract, retain and develop quality teachers
  • Is safe, supportive, friendly and based on mutual respect
  • Sets high expectations for students and staff
  • Promotes innovative, creative and challenging learning opportunities
  • Gives recognition for all forms of participation, effort and success
  • Is a fun place, warm in spirit and community minded
  • Incorporates Te Reo and Tikanga Maori throughout the curriculum for all
  • Will continually review the way we operate to ensure we are as effect as possible

Tawhai School acknowledges the requirements of the new Te Tiriti, NZ Curriculum and NELP’s (National Education Learning Priorities).  Our annual goals are consistent with the national focus in improving literacy and numeracy as identified in the National Education priorities.  In fulfilling our vision, Tawhai School strives to empower learners to achieve success in a future focused 21st century learning environment.