Annual Plan

Need to see how we’re doing? How we did last year? Read our latest annual report.

The annual plan details a series of ‘action plans’ what needs to be done during the current school year. These actions relate directly to the schools strategic goals.

The ‘Annual Plan’ addresses

  • What is to happen
  • Who will do it
  • When it will be completed
  • The resources we will need to be able to achieve it
  • What we expect to achieve and the actual outcomes – what was actually achieved

One section details the ‘targets’ for improving teaching and learning. While other sections cover other issues, such as property, personnel, and curriculum development. Targets for improving teaching and learning need to be measureable; based on an analysis of current student achievement data; and identify factors that may contribute to improving student achievement. At Tawhai we identify our targets through one or all of the following:

  • Analysis of the previous year’s achievement results.
  • The introduction of a new learning programme
  • New strategic goals for improving teaching and student learning

Updates on the progress and achievements, against each of the annual goals, are reported to the Board of Trustees throughout the year by the principal. A copy of these reports along with the ‘Analysis of Variance’ report is sent to the Ministry of Education at the beginning of the following school year.