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Tawhai School


Our staff are our most precious and important asset and work collaboratively to create an environment for the students to thrive. At Tawhai School we each play an important role in ensuring our students get the best deal possible and so value each other as equals.

Senior Management

  •   Karen Poole

    Karen Poole


  •   Sharon Boese

    Sharon Boese

    Deputy Principal and SENCO

  •   Lynley Poole

    Lynley Poole

    Assistant Principal/Mutukaroa Co-ordinator

  •   Deborah Barnden

    Deborah Barnden

    Classroom 10 (Team Leader)

  •   Dave Whiteman

    Dave Whiteman

    Classroom 3 Team Leader

Year 0-3, Team Nga Kukari (the fledglings)

  •   Abbey Pont

    Abbey Pont

    Classroom 12

  •   Becky Berry

    Becky Berry

    Classroom 8

  •   Deborah Barnden

    Deborah Barnden

    Classroom 10 (Team Leader)

  •   Hannah Huria-Perry

    Hannah Huria-Perry

    Classroom 16

  •   Jane Kenworthy

    Jane Kenworthy

    Classroom 9A

  •   Jessica Harris

    Jessica Harris

    Classroom 9

  •   Julia Dorgan

    Julia Dorgan

    Classroom 7

  •   Michaela Ryan

    Michaela Ryan

    Classroom 6

  •   Prue Von Keisenberg

    Prue Von Keisenberg

    Classroom 9


    Sarah Tucker

    Classroom 9A

  •   Sarah van der Walt

    Sarah van der Walt

    Classroom 11

Year 4-6, Nga Manu ( the Birds)

Teacher Aides

  •   Erana Ngarewa

    Erana Ngarewa

    Teacher Aide

  •   Matt Poole

    Matt Poole

    Teacher Aide

  •   Patsy Roberts

    Patsy Roberts

    Teacher Aide

  •   Rosa Stewart

    Rosa Stewart

    Teacher Aide facebook & Website

  •   Shona Buchanan

    Shona Buchanan

    Teacher Aide, office

  •   Yvonne Olivecrona

    Yvonne Olivecrona

    Teacher Aide, Librarian

Part-time Teachers

  •   Jill Finlayson

    Jill Finlayson

  •   Karen Jones

    Karen Jones

    Reading Recovery

Office management

  •   Karen Poole

    Karen Poole


  •   Kelly Robinson

    Kelly Robinson

    Office Manager

  •   Renee Saul

    Renee Saul

    Sports Coordinator

And also...

  •   Debbie Howie

    Debbie Howie

    Cleaner, Teacher Aide

  •   Diane Stevens

    Diane Stevens

    School Chaplin

  •   Lloyd Laurent

    Lloyd Laurent


  •   Mr Jelly Bean

    Mr Jelly Bean


Liam says…

I like it when we get to go to the pool for swimming lessons.