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Tawhai School


Dog Handling Sessions


June 9 2023

Kia ora o te whānau,
Yesterday we were fortunate in having a visit from Virginia Van Dooren, and Jen Sytsma, who are Animal Control Officers from Hutt City Council, along with Floyd to take some dog handling sessions, firstly with Room’s 1, 11, and 12, then Room’s 4, 14, and 15 . (They will be having another session next Tuesday with the remaining classes)
Assisted by helpers, Archer & Riley in the first session, and Charlee and Tyler in the second, Virginia talked to tamariki about certain scenarios using photos and a short movie clip.
Afterwards the ākonga were given the opportunity if they wanted, to come up and pat Floyd!
At the end of the session, the tamariki came away with the firm message:

Everyone who attended the session will get a wristband, a participation certificate, and a booklet with important dog handling tips to take home from their class teacher!
Here are the tips from the booklet:
Check it’s sweet -before you meet! Before going up to a dog ask permission from it’s owner.
If a dog runs towards you- be calm and stay still!
If you are lying down or a dog knocks you over- be calm and curl up like a turtle.
To understand, they sniff your hand! When meeting a dog let it sniff the back your hand.
Chin or chest -that is the best! After permission is given, stroke only the dog’s chin or chest and remember to be gentle.
If a dog has a snack- keep well back!
Keep your face -out of their space! Never kiss or put your hand close to a dog’s face.
Don’t run and shout – it freaks us out!
A dog’s not a toy -don’t tease or annoy!

A HUGE thank you to Virginia, Jen, and Floyd for coming along to talk to the tamariki.