National Young Leaders’ Day

25th May 2023

On Tuesday our very excited Tu Rangatira attended the National Young Leaders’ Day at the Te Rauparaha Arena in Wellington.  They were fortunate enough to hear from some inspirational speakers and to have a special musical performance with Georgia Lines in the afternoon.


The speakers included:

  • Brad Smeele – Former pro wakeboarder/quadriplegic/communicator
  • Julia Grace – Mental wellness communicator
  • Shane Rangi – New Zealand actor
  • Graci Kim – Diplomat turned bestselling author


The next day the students were asked to sum up the experience in one sentence and here are some of their responses:


  • I loved how exciting it was, and my favourite thing was how they got people to come and talk to us about their life and how to be a leader.  (Liam)
  • It was an amazing day and I have taken away a lot of knowledge from many of the speakers.  (Abby)
  • I feel so lucky that I got to head over to Porirua for the 2023 National Young Leaders’ Day and learn all about self-leadership and resilience from awesome speakers like NZ wakeboarder Brad Smeele, who said “a winner is just a loser who kept trying”.  (Miles)
  • I got to listen to five good speakers about leadership and the key messages I learnt are; it’s not about telling people what to do, it is about being a good listener, and it’s important to be yourself and to remember failing isn’t failure.  (Aysha)
  • It was an awesome day and I learnt that you can’t control what happens to you but you can control the way you react.  (Archie)
  • I loved the games and the activities. (Joel)
  • At the Young Leaders’ event there were lots of other schools and we listened to different people speaking, and I really enjoyed it when Georgia Lines sang – it was cool!  (Ben)
  • The National Young Leaders’ Day was an extraordinary experience, and we got to hear some inspiring life changing stories.  (Lucy)
  • My favourite thing about the NYLD was that every speaker had a different reason why they had a hard time in their story.  (Braxton)
  • The Young Leaders’ event was amazing and the speakers were so inspiring – I will never forget any of it!  (Ella)
  • Although I wasn’t there for the whole thing, I enjoyed it very much and it was like the best day of my life.  (Alexa)
  • It was amazing and I loved it because all of the speakers were so inspiring, especially Graci Kim.  (Eliyah)
  • I thought the day was amazing and it inspired me to never give up on my dreams!  (Joe)