Scooter Safety for our Year 1-4 Tamariki

14th November 2023

This term our Year 1-4 have been learning about dog safety, fire safety, and driveway safety. Yesterday and today they had the opportunity to take part in scooter safety sessions run by Patrick and Daniel from Hutt City Council who also brought along a raft of scooters and helmets.

 After making sure that the helmets were a snug fit, and the scooters were adjusted according to the height of the tamariki, it was down to the business of how to ride their scooters safely!

The tamariki learnt about:

· Stopping safely and with control (little feet!)

·  footpath etiquette

·  gliding, switching and looking out for hazards. 

· Watching out for ‘sneaky driveways’,

A BIG thank you to Patrick and Daniel for taking the sessions. The tamariki certainly enjoyed them!

Below are 2 albums of photos: Rooms 6, 11, 4, and 9a during their sessions on Day 1. Rooms 8, 12, 3, and 5 had their session on Day 2.

Thank you to Miss Auker for taking over the photographer duties when Room 8 were having their session.