Welcomes & Farewells

9th March 2023

Yesterday marked the end of an era at the annual PTSG A.G.M when we farewelled not only several members of the our wonderful PTSG, Jaydy Marsh (who is now School Board Chair), Sarah-Jayne Montgomery, Kylie Pearce, Cat Gardner, & Natalie Hall, who have contributed so much during their time on the committee, but outgoing Chairperson Amanda Williamson who has not only been on the committee for the past 7 years but Chairperson for 4 of those year and at one stage treasurer too.
Thank you so much for all the effort & hours that you have put in for our Kura Amanda!
Amanda will kindly be on hand for a while to guide our new Chairperson and current committee!
We are pleased to announce the new PTSG committee as follows:
Alice Hurdle  Chairperson
Karen Wiggins  Treasurer
Naomi Brydon  Secretary
Committee: Renee Saul, Fran Berridge, Mel Boyd, Donna Overduin, Nicole Te Hiini, and Stephanie Barnden.