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Tawhai School




A Tale of Two Turtles!

Posted on by Rosa Stewart

Kia ora e te whānau

Ngā Manu have been learning so much about our wonderful sea creatures so Ruma Rua & Ruma tahi had a real treat today when Madison brought in her honu (turtles) for a special show and tell! She showed the rest of the ākonga how to handle the honu, with clean ringa! She also told them that these delightful honu go by the names of George & Mildred! Mildred is the bigger of the two and she flaps a bit when you hold her, George is very placid! They can be taken for a walk around, but Mildred does prefer to hide in dark places! They are both 28 years old!

Most of the tamariki had a go at holding one or both of them, some were content to gently stroke them, and a few decided to just look at them!

A Huge paki paki to Madison for making our day!

  • IMG_3463
  • IMG_3461
  • IMG_3469
  • IMG_3470
  • IMG_3472
  • IMG_3473
  • IMG_3475
  • IMG_3477
  • IMG_3480
  • IMG_3482
  • IMG_3485
  • IMG_3486
  • IMG_3488
  • IMG_3490
  • IMG_3491
  • IMG_3493
  • IMG_3495
  • IMG_3498
  • IMG_3500
  • IMG_3502
  • IMG_3505
  • IMG_3507
  • IMG_3509
  • IMG_3511
  • IMG_3515
  • IMG_3516
  • IMG_3519
  • IMG_3521
  • IMG_3527
  • IMG_3529
  • IMG_3531
  • IMG_3532
  • IMG_3533
  • IMG_3534
  • IMG_3540
  • IMG_3542
  • IMG_3544
  • IMG_3545
  • IMG_3548
  • IMG_3550
  • IMG_3552
  • IMG_3555
  • IMG_3557
  • IMG_3558
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